The Bodhran is considered to be one of Ireland’s oldest and most iconic musical instruments

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What bodhrans models do we have for sale at Thomann?

There are not too many bodhrans ranges that Thomann offers us, but what difference does it make, if there are 3 and each of them is differentiated according to the type of customer, varying, therefore, in their price. These are:

18 Inch Bodhran Inexpensive Gewa Irish Brand Membrane

It is the largest and most minimalist in its segment. That natural rustic wood color of the striking surface combined, in turn, by a black base, creates a very nice contrast considering its price. Obviously we cannot expect a supreme sound quality and a holding comfort of 10, since the cost of this bodhrán model is below € 100

Its almost 5/5 stars of customer ratings make this a safe and satisfactory purchase for the most beginner and novice to percussion this instrument. Unfortunately it cannot be tuned, something had to be left on the way, and it does not include the beater that we can see in the photo on the web.

It is among the second best low-end model of the whole family. If it is just the first time you are going to get a bodhrán, you do not want to spend a lot and you want to immediately obtain the benefits of a reputed store like Thomann, do not think about it, buy this prototype now!

Bodhran 17 inch cheap radius from Millenium brand

With this Irish timpani you are going to be able to tune it and have essential accessories at cost, such as the mallet and a doorknob prepared for intonation. As for the body of it, we went from having a natural wood to cedar wood and organic materials of animal origin on the head of the tambourine, more specifically goatskin

This is undoubtedly the best model in the entry range of the entire Thomann Irish drum family. Its starting price is below € 70. Everything that we do not have in Gewa’s 18-diameter bodhran, we have it here and, also, with better finishes and more durable over time.

It has a more refined, deep and exquisite sound than the first model, if we compare both, since they are within the same segment and it is important that you know what the differences are. It is only necessary to see that almost 100% of user evaluations are marked with a full satisfaction of 5/5 stars . If you were looking for an inexpensive Irish tambourine with details of high-end bodhránes, this is the model we recommend.

Meinl Irish Brand High End 14 Inch Diameter Small Bodhran

Small but bulky! Looks are deceiving. Let them tell this bodhrán that, despite having less showy finishes than the models mentioned above (to our personal taste, you may like it even more), we have a matte black finish that surrounds the bodhrán patch. little seen in bodhranes mid-range, low-end and even the most premium ranges

The materials that make up its membrane are also goat cuticle. The body is covered by a dark brown wood of rubber origin and the internal body of it does not have as many elements as the first commented model, which is more comfortable to touch and hold.

It can also be tuned, including its corresponding tuning key and could not miss the inclusion of drumsticks, in an exclusive mahogany wood finish. The one with the recondite base is a detail that you should not miss if you want to bring the experience of playing your bodhrán in different ranges of tones, not just percuss it and that’s it. It is available for a price of € 160 and its 4.5 / 5 stars guarantee it. This model is recommended for any user, especially for those who are already more advanced in the execution and tonal adjustment of the Irish tambourine.

Why buy bodhrans at Thomann?

You will not make a better decision in your life than to purchase a bodhran from Thomann. And it is that its product catalog is constantly being updated and monitored so that it meets customer expectations. If there is a nickname by which to rate Thomann, it is a requirement. That’s good, that gives assurance that what you will get, be it for an affordable or more expensive value, you will have quality in abundance

Getting your bodhran with a Thomann seal, in addition to the excellent service they provide, their immediate stock and the shipping they make to any part of the world by top courier services such as UPS or DHL, assure us of a higher than average shipping quality and received from super fast product, wherever we are

And have the 36-month warranty and the 30-day money back guarantee up your sleeve We went from having the typical one or two year warranty to having 3 and the right of every consumer, from 14 days to 30 days, to communicate that they do not want their order because it was not what they expected or does not meet their expectations. All the management and costs of returning the order are assumed by the German company

IMPORTANT: Verify if your bodhrán is going to be exempt from a possible extra customs cost of the country where you reside and the shipping costs, because depending on where you live, both things will be more expensive, less expensive or, even, you will get rid of that tax

Where does it come from and what is the meaning of the word bodhrán or bodhráin?

Many of the people of the 60s, which some of them name just below, say that its pure meaning is that of drum or tambourine , some of the nomenclatures that we use to refer to the instrument

Others say that they come from words similar to bodhran with pure meanings of strainer, such as the strainer that we know of all our life, because of the grids that the head of the instrument had in years ago. Others confirm that its exact meaning is “skin tray” due to its agricultural use in ancient times. The question is, what are the roots of bodhrán or bodhráin?

By the way, if you did not know, this last variant that we use above is another of the nomenclatures used to refer to the instrument but in the plural. You already know something else about the instrument ;-). There is an Irish word which has a peculiar resemblance to bodhran: it is “bodhar” , which has a literal meaning in Spanish of boring and deaf.

By finding a relationship between these meanings and what bodhran means, there is not much connection but if we go further, we will see that it does: in listening to any instrument, we isolate ourselves from the world. As a result, we do not pay attention to what they tell us, calling us deaf, and we bore those around us because we do not listen to them. Do you see that everything is used for something?

This is why, according to many, this word is the predecessor of bodhran and why the most archaic players of the instrument decided to call it that. However, combining one thing with the other has generated a lot of controversy.

This etymology has been rejected by many musical organizations, seeing them as an offense. For them, the word bodhran is the product of words like “droll”, which in English means “fun”, an adjective that denotes the state of a person when listening to or striking any instrument, feelings that one feels when listening to bodhran

The clearest and most widespread root by all is the meaning as such of drum, tambourine or tambourine, which is exactly what it is, and he refused to make etymological references or of any kind, to anything that had nothing to do with the Irish music and the shape of the instrument

That means that anyone who publicly did this could suffer unintended consequences from anyone, such as being banned from playing the Irish tambourine in both the private and public spheres.

How has the Irish drum come to this day?

Since ancient times, in Ireland the use of circular containers of moderate dimensions has always gained prominence because, for them, it has been and is one of the visual ways of staging the size that this country represents in the world: a small point in comparison to many of the countries that border around it, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, etc.

So much so, that although there were not the means that we have today to be able to see this country, whether in images on the internet or being there in person, the people of the time were already beginning to realize this fact. They, seeing that traveling one end of the other of the territory did not take too long, and was beginning to give them clues about this detail that today everyone, including you, can see in a matter of seconds

It was in archaic times where people were more concerned about using a pot or utensil that represented that this country had in the world. Due to the size of Ireland, trays began to be used to carry out the most important activities in Irish society such as:

As a collector to catch the straw that the animals left broken on the farm and leave them in a separate place, since Ireland has always stood out for being a country distinguished by its country and rural landscapes, as a box to store the utensils they used to hunt their animals. prey with which they could feed, as a container to preserve the food that was left over in the meal, as a place to store the small prey that they hunted and were not going to eat the same day, as a place to plant flowers or things as intimate as ” do belly”

From normal things to more bizarre things, like that quotation mark that we did above, it is for the purpose with which that kind of circular tray was used. The people of the time, determined to set an example, considered it disrespectful to evacuate into the open air, because that meant belittling all living beings that inhabit the Earth. They couldn’t allow it. That is why it was used for “unusual” things like this, depending on how you look at it. Then, they themselves with pure waters of nature cleaned them thoroughly. Curious, right?

In conclusion, it was like the multipurpose of the time that covered the basic needs of everyone. This got to such an extent that the paten was carried by hand as a shield to protect itself from possible attacks by any animal or violent person. The utensil had a 4-5cm wall, nothing like what it is today measured by the curved walls of the Irish drum. It was made of light wood and many of them were worn or in poor condition from daily use.

Even so, it was used until it gave no more, and it could not be changed unless the previous vase was available to perform the most necessary tasks of all people and could help the most precarious of society. This was the case until the seventeenth century:

It was here where, for the first time, people began to give it a specific use in rituals and offerings to people who were widowed or deceased of a special nature , such as kings of the time, son of kings or grandparents, who were considered as examples of life for all the obstacles they had overcome and as people capable of giving survival advice to others

First, it began to be touched with the hands and the patch that was used was made of skins or viscera, resulting from the animals that they ingested to survive. They quickly realized that with their guts they weren’t going to produce much of a musical melody. That is why only the skins that, as you well know, today the most original bodhranes and those that are considered a symbol in Ireland are precisely those that have patches of an organic animal nature.

They used cuticle membranes of carnivorous, omnivorous and mammalian animals of any kind. Some of them even played with their feet, to give a certain variety to the melody in that kind of circular fountain. They lacked support at the bottom and were very large in size, twice the size of the largest models we see today.

For a time, only some of them played with sticks that were on the floor of nature but, shortly after, it was stopped because it was considered disrespectful. For them, touching the tray surrounded by a utensil, no matter how small or more or less sharp, was like a way of belittling an entire symbol. These kinds of events were only done to do more “vast” things.

This was the case until the 1960s, back in the 1960-1970s: The irruption of a branch of folk music, Irish folk music by the hand of Sean O’Riada, and the testimonies of several people, confirmed that indeed the instrument as such that we knew today had been used since our ancestors

You’ve heard of cave paintings, haven’t you? Well, it is one of the statements made by Peter Kennedy, in which he says to see seen in caves in Dorset and Wiltshire (southern and south-eastern regions of Ireland) canvases where a person is clearly seen touching that round surface. Caves with an age of 6000-8000 years, to get an idea. Or the testimony of Dorothea Hast, in which she claims that she read the following:

The plate was used to carry out tasks of collecting peat, confirmed in a manuscript of several generations ago. In this manuscript some of the acts that were done were also collected, such as collecting the different cattle and separating them, as a place to leave food or as a place to store tools.

We cannot ignore the importance of Sean Ó Riada, the progenitor of the bodhran, the one who made him known to contemporary Irish society and subsequently echoed around the world . In one of his interpretations, by hand and quietly, he began to play it, astonishing everyone because this technique, until then, had never been used in an orchestra of the time.

Since then, the Irish tambourine is considered one of the most coveted objects in Ireland and in music in general, as it is one of the few drums with materials purely from nature that is played with hammers.

What are the main characteristics of an Irish tambourine?

With an arrangement very similar to that of a tambourine, it will be easy to guess what elements a bohran is composed of. They are as follows:

  • Depending on the model , the diameter of its frame ranges between 25cm-69cm , with a depth of between 9cm-20cm . Although the most abundant at present are the models that range between dimensions of 35cm-45cm
  • Your patch can be made of elements of animal origin such as goat, kangaroo or sheep . Although it is also typical that it is manufactured in synthetic materials such as kevlar
  • Although it was common for older models to have metal bars inside that acted as head support , more and more contemporary bodhran models do not include these supports
  • Some of the most modern bodhran models that we find on the market are made up of a tuning system, which allows you to tighten its membrane to produce a certain type of musical note
  • The bodhran is struck with a wooden utensil called drumsticks and they are usually made of walnut wood or derived from plants such as ash or holly
irish bodhran

What parts is the Irish tambourine made of?

There are 4 elements that we can unravel. Which are? These:

The membrane, head or percussive base of the Irish bass drum

Depending on the range, it can be made of polystyrene, bamboo branch or organic skin from animals such as goats, sheep or fish.

Regarding the height of the bodhran integument, it occupies less than 1cm, a few mm, so it is essential to tap on it with delicacy, subtlety and great skill. It is attached to the walls of the drum thanks to small threads, barely visible, very resistant and that make a firm and consistent support.

As you play closer to these walls or more towards the center, you will be able to emit a higher or lower sound. It is ornamented with archaic picturesque finishes to give it a touch of yesteryear and make us get into the roots of the instrument, which go back thousands of years or, also, with more daring finishes such as Celtic prints, in floral finishes throughout its radius or with types referred to as “Indians”

The body, figure or dyke of the Irish kettledrum

She is in charge of, on the one hand, holding the head of the Irish tambourine and, on the other hand, helping you when holding a bodhran. All models are made of dikes made of organic elements: wood

What types of splinter can we find? Spruce, cedar, maple, ash, beech, walnut, mahogany, or teak are some of the types of wood that we can see manufactured in the dikes of all upper-class Irish tambourines. It can also be made of natural access wood, intended for access bodhranes

They have the finishes of the lower end without cavities and with or without a slight protrusion to facilitate the grip of it when changing the tone. They can be made from minimalist finishes without any shapes of sketches to more sophisticated and disruptive finishes such as sketches with cavities emulating natural plants, in various colors such as blue, green or black or with circular metallic finishes

There are certain prototypes that have a circular finish, without wood around it, which is a lifelong hole, in which the thumb is inserted and with the help of the other fingers, you will get a more effective Irish drum grip and insurance

The metal or wooden cross-shaped bar of the Irish box

There are models that do not include this cross-shaped bra. With this, you lose the advantage of grabbing it from behind without having to spread your hands over the dike. Including this element, you manage to manipulate it much less, not only the wall, which over the years, when you grab it again and again (taking into account phenomena such as humidity), it will wear out or, also, keep the membrane for more years.

And is that when you grab it you may have the inertia to hold it, on the one hand on the septum and, on the other hand, on the membrane. On the other hand, by including this piece, emitting the changes in the musical scale of the bodhran will be a more tedious process and in many ranges you will not have any possibility of fine-tuning it.

Only in the most expensive and unique bodhranes will you include these tuning keys, this quadruple finish behind the membrane, exclusive wood partitions and purely original animal root membranes

Tuning latches even on mini bodhrans

We refer to the mini bodhranes keys, just as the above heading finishes. The inclusion of this detail is limited and is usually available in Irish tambourines of medium, medium-high ranges and the top of the market. They are attached behind the walls of the Irish tambourine and may have more or fewer tuning pegs depending on the size of the membrane.

With this, you will be able (or if you already have your model) to modify the sound of the Irish timpani to your liking and take the experience with your bodhran to the next level. The finishes of these plugs are all in metal , capable of withstanding more over time, as long as it is taken care of, and it is not kept exposed in adverse situations or places, such as at the expense of the sun or places with a clear tendency to humidity.

How does the headstock of any intercontinental guitar, like a well-known one that we name just below 👇 completely and that you have to visit, because the same with this: it is the particular pegbox of the bodhrán, although the tuning as such is much easier to manipulate without the help of a second person in this instrument, than as it would happen with a vihuela

Why buy the instrument called bodhran in our online store?

High-end stores such as Thomann, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy offer the option of purchasing brand new bodhrans for a small price. , more than a website, is a family willing to all go together and what do you think? We have committed ourselves to Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Thomann collaborating with us so that you can immediately obtain the bodhran range what do you need BOOOOOOM💥!

Our catalog of bodhrans is up to date this year 2o21: bodhranes of all sizes, from the smallest and most portable, to the most spacious and advanced, worthy of being carried by the authentic players of the Irish tambourine. Based on people’s opinions and how in demand it is, we select the different bodhran prototypes that you see on our website, so you can rest assured that the Irish drums that you see for sale on our bodhránes website are the most top. from the actuality

Indefinite stock, immediate availability, access to promotions, discounts and temporary discounts on some of the models, shipping costs for a reduced, high or free cost depending on whether you choose standard shipping of several days or express shipping 24 / 48h, one attention to the customer of ten, guarantee of several years depending on the range of Irish drum you get, the right of the consumer of 14 days, in which if it does not satisfy your needs or your bodhrán comes in bad or defective condition,

You can return it running all at Amazon’s expense, option to pay in installments as financing payment from € 75, pay in cash or cash on delivery or pay on the spot online with a credit or debit card from Visa, Mastercard , American Express, Paypal, Gpay, Bank transfer and access to exclusive services such as Amazon gift cards, with which you can save some money on your purchase

What is the price of the different new models of bodhránes today?

Depending on the range of Irish drums you are interested in acquiring, their cost will differ in one or the other: for high-end-premium bodhranes we have them available between costs of around € 300- € 400. Its finishes are brighter, more tenacious and the advantages of obtaining a high class of bodhran are reflected in the guarantee of the same, which rises up to 3 years or more, in the addition of accessories included in the order pack and in a more dynamic customer service

For the bodhrans of this segment we have them divided into three classes: mid-low, medium-high and medium range bodhranes All of them distinguish between costs that are around € 250-150 approximately. This price may be slightly higher or lower, as it is subject to constant changes in value. With this range you will not get such a dynamic service or so many years of warranty, but you will have the benefit of enjoying an economical bodhrán without losing quality details, worthy of the higher range bodhrans

For the cheapest and most accessible bodhrans, as are the lower ranges, you have them available from amounts that start from € 30 to the top of € 100. In this range, the finishes are more standard, not as durable over time and the sounds are not as refined as in more exclusive and expensive bodhranes models. In addition, you will rarely have accessories included in the final price of the product and the guarantee will be only one year. Despite this, they are very good value for money and are accessible to the vast majority of users.

Why buy a second hand or used bodhran in our online store?

Wallapop and Mil Anuncios are some of the two outstanding stores and of the most demanded second-hand products. It should be said that finding and buying “used” bodhranes models from these stores, we will be totally honest: it is not an easy and simple task. It is not a product as demanded as the classical guitar that everyone knows. You are one of the  unconventionals  . That is not bad, on the contrary, it is good, great

Here you also have all the details that we include above, always subject to the policies required by the store where you buy your second-hand bodhran. Some models of second-hand bodhran that are sold in reputable stores such as Etsy or Ebay you can find them used less than the total hands of your fingers and, in the case that they have been used several times, they are very well preserved

The advantages of obtaining ranges of second-hand bodhranes are particularly twofold: you will have bodhrans of the upper-middle and middle classes at a reasonable price, just as cheap Irish drums have to start with. That is a great benefit if it is the first time that you are going to buy this instrument or you want the best at a reduced price

The second is the cheap price that second-hand Irish drums are available for. Many of them can be found for amounts below € 30. Their quality does not disappoint. Now, one thing we can tell you and in which we have to be transparent to you:

Some of them may come with some part of the instrument worn out or to the point of having a faulty second-hand bodhran. Of course, you have the security that any problem is assumed by the seller, because here you do not lose the right of every consumer when buying any product that comes to mind, even if it is second-hand. What are you waiting for to buy your second-hand bodhran in permanent stock, fast shipping of 24/48 hours at a reasonable price? It is tempting and irresistible!

What is the price of the different models of second-hand bodhrans today?

In the current list of second-hand bodhrans we can find second-hand bodhrans of low ranges, medium ranges and medium-high and medium-high ranges, all of them hardly differ in their price. With this we want to tell you that all the bodhranes in this segment, whatever their range, you will have the privilege of enjoying the best that is on the market without hardly noticing a suffering in your ” budget pocket 

Subject to constant variations in the price of the same that are updated every day that passes, the models of second-hand bodhranes of lower classes we have them below € 30. For the highest classes of used Irish drums we have many of them below € 100, although some may be worth more than that figure

In many of these second-hand Irish tambourine models, you also have the advantage of having shipments at cost “0”, you have a guarantee of less than one year, although this may vary over time, your market and availability in the warehouse do not It is as wide as that of the new Irish tambourines and fresh out of the oven, but for those who do not have large budgets or want to make specific uses of this unique instrument in the world, the used Irish tambourines available at low costs will come in handy.

Have you ever heard of these products?

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What is the Irish bodhran?

It is a tambourine of Irish origin made by a wooden frame and belonging to the instrumental family of percussed membranophones