18” Diameter Bodhran Classic – Named one of the top value Irish drums of 2021

If you are one of those people who stick to your budget based on your current financial situation, this Irish bodhran has to be for you right away!

What are the characteristics of the Irish frame bodhran?

It is certain that more than one of the particularities that this Irish instrument brings together are known to you, however, there are two details that allow you the luxury of buying this bodhran with your eyes closed:

  • A standard size: There are different dimensions, be it 14, 15, 16 or 18 inches in diameter, the bodhran models that we have for sale in the market are numerous. Specifically, the bodhran that we mention is 18 . For people who are just beginning to play this instrument as you can be, with this model you are more than enough
  • A light strap wrap with metal buttons: Different bodhran ranges feature distinctive prints or protections. This Irish drum has a kind of “belt” along the diameter of its base (By looking at the photo on this page you will know exactly what we mean). It is very different if we compare them with other bodhrans but minimalist and seals a unique personality.
  • Padded cover included: Yes, as you read, how do you fit? Surprised right? This is one of the peculiarities that have dictated the choice and presence of this bodhran prototype on our online site. This cover is made of high quality materials , has a double grip as if it were a briefcase and a small pocket with a vertical predisposition to store the drumsticks.
  • And the drumsticks too: We have not started as we should with this little paragraph but that does not matter. At this point, you know what we are referring to. If you were ready to buy your bodhran but at the last minute you realized that the reeds were missing , this model of Irish tambourine has it too

Buy it now at the best price!

bodhran de marco irlandés

This model of timpani gives off an Irish aroma in abundance! In just a few simple steps you will have everything ready to be received at the door of your house

What are the customer opinions about this product?

Cheaper than it should. This is one of the most repeated opinions by users on websites such as Amazon or Ebay . And it was no wonder. This is how we started this article and we were not wrong

Another comment that you should know is about the level of experience that is needed when playing this Irish instrument: If you are at that point where you have to learn to grasp your bodhran and master the striking techniques with your stick, said in other words, you are a novice bodhran student, this model is for you

Its moderate weight, not only with the drum itself but also with the drumsticks, makes its purchase 100% recommended. The most premium and sober design at a super economical and accessible price for all types of user.

Why buy this traditional bodhran on our online site?

This range of bodhran comes from Gear4music company . This item is on sale on Amazon . From here we have to convey our congratulations: You have landed on the site that gives you what you need and love with just a few clicks

You have the guarantee that our team previously asked about its availability and quality . This, together with the 5/5 star opinions of consumers make it a safe transaction.

What are you waiting for to get this archetype of bodhran to an irresistible value? In your room there is a space reserved for the most appreciated instrument of Irish territory and you know it. It is too much time that you have it unused for something worthwhile, don’t you think?

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Bodhran clásico de 18 pulgadas de diámetro con funda y baqueta
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