16-inch wide professional cedar bodhran with red goatskin – an Irish drum crafted from premium quality, exclusive elements

Do you love red? It doesn’t matter if it’s not the color you like the most. A most natural and pleasant color like this one emits brilliance, class, showiness, grace… You have to be the next to belong to that circle! Sure, as long as you get this red bodhran with a design that will blow your mind.

Characteristics of the goatskin red cedar Irish tambourine

This range of bodhran with a more than striking and elegant color has revolutionized the market in this 2021. Its properties are as follows:

  • Its large size: We can quickly realize the size of this Irish drum model. All Bodhrans dimensions do not have this demure but especially notable for the depth of his lapel , reaching measure about 8-10 cm approximately
  • His meticulous manufacturing: You just need to see the material from which it is built so: of cedarwood you sounded this type of tree? With this detail, it only gives us a glimpse that this bodhran is not one of the many, it is an exclusive one in every rule
  • Sealed in the form of a tipper: This may sound like Chinese to you. Do not worry, we will tell you what it refers to. On construction sites there are trucks that tilt down what appears to be a trailer , right? The box in which this bodhran is protected somehow emulates that dump truck or truck
  • Its tuning capacity: Looking closely at the cover image of this review you will notice the presence of 5 metallic elements very similar to that of the typical pins along with the other 3 that are not perceptible to the naked eye. Each of these rods act as professional tuners
  • A sturdy and robust carry bag: We don’t want you to settle for just getting this cute instrument from Ireland. That is why the acquisition of this product becomes difficult not to carry it out when you realize that you have a bag adapted to the proportions and demands of a bodhran like this. Without a doubt, an element that could not be missing

Are you going to continue to be reluctant to acquire this brand new Irish bodhran model?

bodhran irlandes rojo

If it looks pretty in the photograph, imagine the day that it is in plain sight … And that day will come very soon if you click right below!

What are the advantages of this bodhran prototype compared to the 18-inch Irish drum?

The price difference between the two bodhrans models is notorious. This may lead you to think why you should spend more than double the money when for twice the amount you get a tambourine that meets expectations and is up to par.

And you’re right, but we have selected this model for various reasons. Features are one of the most obvious signs, but there are many more behind. The fact that it is made of materials typical of nature causes a greater duration and resistance over time.

Other clear differences with respect to the other model are its metal screws capable of tuning according to your liking. For bodhran artists or people with very advanced studies on hand and cowboy striking of the instrument, we highly recommend the higher- end model with a higher cost.

On the other hand, if you are a novice and inexperienced person , you do not need to pay so much money. A standard access model is more than enough for you

Why buy this red bodhran made with goatskin on our website?

It is not as cheap or affordable as other types of Irish tambourines but its distinctive design makes it one of the best bodhrans you can get.

This particular bodhran model belongs to the Muzikkon company and is for sale on Amazon. Despite the limited opinions of customers, we confirm that you will enjoy an authentic and original bodhran

Do you want to surprise friends and strangers? With this Irish bass drum meticulously woven with goatskin it will be a reality. Hurry up and buy it now or we are going to give you two pats on the back to do it 😜!

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