High quality drumstick from the brand Gonalca Percusion | One of the best decks for bodhran today!

You lack those beaters with which you will innotize more than one, with which you will take your experience when playing your Irish tambourine to the next level, with which you will become a true bodhranist.

This drumstick comes from Gonalca, an Italian brand that stands out for manufacturing 100% natural products that are very resistant over the years. It is composed of an organic element very little seen until then, which makes it an accessory, which is not only essential for every Irish drum, but also unique in its segment.

Find out what that material is and what else there is in this bodhrán deck, staying here!

What are the most outstanding characteristics of the Gonalca Percussion rod?

There are 3 peculiarities. All of them will convince you. They are as follows:

  • The composition of the body: Composed of nothing more and nothing less than ash wood, an element present only in high-end bodhran beaters. Thanks to this wood, the sound it emits will also take it to the next level. It will not sound, as it happens with other low quality drumsticks, hollowed out, but quite the opposite, a wavy sound, clear and with clearly distinguished nuances, depending on how we vary the musical note
  • The grip of the jonquil: It has an arched surface just at the ends that adjoin the thickest parts of the drumsticks, those that will strike on the membrane of the Irish tambourine, which allows it to adapt to the fingers of our hand without any problem , let’s have a bigger or smaller hand size
  • Double beater: Being a beater itself, by double beater we refer to the double hammer or the two ends of the mallet, which are thicker than the average of its segment and which give us the advantage of interpreting advanced melodies of the instrument. , With more standard beaters and only a hammer at one end, we will also have the option of playing melodies, yes, but more basic

Offer to the last of the Gonalca Percusion cue

What sensation and what does this drumstick model stand out from the rest of the family to play with your Irish tambourine?

It is worth noting the rough and consistent material of this model of bodhran whisk. Its sensations are unique and from the first moment you grab it, it will make you feel that you are from a product with very good finishes and very premium, contextualizing it with its price, which is very affordable

The example of quality-price-performance ratio is what we have with this range of mallet: the 3 most expected characteristics from the indispensable accessory of the Irish tambourine, a first-class manufacturer, warranty covered by the same brand and the store that offers sell, Amazon, all for a reduced price of less than € 20 and with the possibility of receiving it at the door of your house at free shipping cost How cool!

Thanks to its dimensions and with the help of an extra element (which you surely have at home), you can store your mallet on the hollowed surface of the bodhrán, or what is the same, on the inside of the instrument . Hey, if this is an offense for you, you have more possibilities: Keep it in a protective case, leave it next to the tambourine every time you do not use it or any place that you always remember and do not forget. Mind you, then we don’t remember where we left things… Does that sound familiar to you?

Why buy this high-end bodhran whisk in our online store?

Indefinite stock, immediate availability, covered by one of the brands, leaders in serving remote instruments and corresponding accessories and by the best possible store: the American giant Amazon. A stick worthy of being used by the true players of the instrument, with all the lyrics, for those who have been familiar with the instrument for a while

There is also room for the novice, quiet. If you start by beating your Irish drum with a hammer of this level, congratulations, you start at the front door and that can only end in one way: super good and going very far. You already know that “going far” will depend on you, not on having the best in front of you

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