How to hold your Irish Bodhran correctly?

Apparently this question will seem obvious and known in advance, but you cannot imagine the number of people who, due to a bad posture or a bad grip on their bodhran, cannot produce and polish the desired sound.

How it is held, the way in which we are sitting and even from what position it is held , will be some of the most relevant factors when it comes to achieving a good tie of your bodhran

We don’t want you to just grab it, we want you to advance to the next level – to the point of taming it!

How is the Irish drum properly supported?

The 3 steps that you must follow for a correct support of the bodhran are the following:

  • Decide on which leg the Irish tambourine will be supported: It is the first thing you should clarify. If you are straight, your bodhran should go on your left thigh . If you are left, you must go right. PS: When we say right or left, we mean with which hand you will strike the bodhran patch
  • Put the bodhran in the right place: It will seem obvious but many people are wrong. There is an article on our site where the person himself illustrates where he should be located. Imagine how some pliers grip your drum:
  • The base where the two skewers rest will be your armpit, your left or right pectoral will be the right skewer and the biceps will be your left skewer. It will form the well-known V-grip of the bodhran
  • Watch out for your forearm: This one plays a fundamental role and to achieve this, the two previous steps must be consistent. Once your bodhran is in that kind of tentacle in V and leans on your thigh, the next objective is to ensure that it does not fall to the ground
  • It will not be enough to lean on the thigh and armpit. To do this, we will form a kind of cobweb closing our forearm inwards until we place the palm and each of the fingers of the hand on the head of the Irish tambourine . We will be supporting our bodhran as it deserves!

Tips that you have to take into account right now before touching the bodhran

  • Always place your bodhran with its patch facing to the right and under your armpit . Always try to find a position where you feel comfortable. A bodhran too far from your armpit will make it more unstable and therefore a worse musical performance.
  • With your right hand you will hold the tippers or beaters , while your left hand will go inside the circular wooden frame . With this hand we can vary the musical tones
  • Never hold the drumsticks from the center . The key is to hold them from the bottom and in a relaxed way . Many current models of holes are equipped with an exact reference from where you just have to hold it
  • Once you are ready to strike with your hole, there are different styles. The best known are the Kerry , where both ends of the drumstick are used, and the West Limerick , where only one end of the drumstick is used.