Professional protective cover for bodhrán from Ortolá brand | Its size is suitable for any model of Irish tambourine!

You already have your particular bodhrán model, its corresponding accessories, the information to learn how to play it, but you still need to give the icing on the cake: protect it from any external phenomenon. On more than one occasion it will have happened to us that, due to overconfidence, we have left the umbrella at home and it has started to rain

An everyday example of life that you do not have to do with your Irish drum, because if it gets wet it would mean that its membrane deteriorates or you put it in serious danger and it is an unnecessary risk that you can avoid. In addition, keeping it with a case like this also says a lot about you, the personality and the class you have

Raise your bodhran to the altars by staying on this page and finding out that this protective lining brings you by hand for any Irish tambourine model you can think of!

What are the salient features of the 0330-001 bodhran wrap with Ortolá seal?

Above all, 3 stand out, which will make you realize because it is a 100% recommended model of protective cover for bodhrán that you cannot miss:

  • Its padding system: One of the most advanced on the current scene, reaching a total size of 10mm. This means that against any fall, as long as it does not occur from exaggerated heights, your bodhran will be protected and, even, against any accidental blow it may suffer
  • Synthetic polyester material: One of the most used elements in upper class wraps. Its great resistance, consistency and impermeability are some of the details that characterize it and make it one of the reasons for purchase. Thanks to the presence of this element, you also ensure durability for many, as long as you take care of it as well as your bodhrán
  • Strap to hold it as a shoulder bag : And also with a strap in the upper center of the cover, giving us versatility and comfort when it comes to carrying the very top Irish tambourine.Are you one of the most classic carrying your bodhran as a briefcase or are you more disruptive and less conventional carrying it as a bag?
  • Pocket in the back of considerable size : Thanks to this, you can store your drumstick or several drumsticks, the bodhrán learning books, the musical composition to play or, why not, your smartphone or any important personal item, such as keys car, your house, etc. You will no longer have an excuse to carry different accessories foreign and not alien to the bodhranes.

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What benefits will I get from this protective cover for Irish drums over others in the same segment?

With it, you will be able to award yourself with a characteristic which we have not revealed above, which we give several clues around the article and is none other than its size: Its 65cm in diameter and 13cm high make it the best bodhran prototype on the market current. Because? You will say

As you well know, there are many models of bodhrans for sale. All of them differ in several details, one of them being size. Ortolá, in his quest to take out of the oven a protective cover suitable for any model of Irish tambourines, has taken this particular model out of his hand.

This means that when you buy this bodhrán protective lining, it will come as a “glove” for practically any existing bodhran range that you have at home or intend to purchase. PS: if your bodhrán is very small, we recommend a cover that fits this size. You have them for sale in different sizes

What we want to tell you with this is that, if it is slightly lower (its size) without being exaggerated, with these dimensions they will be enough to satisfy that problem that we always find that the case is not the exact measure of the dimensions of the instrument

Why buy this advanced bodhran cover from our online store?

If you are one of the modern class of people who is not influenced by the opinions of others and you really love your bodhran, this cover has to be yours. Its few but enormous advantages, having Amazon’s security involved in the transaction, its immediate stock and its unbeatable price, you will have it from here, without having to go to the web itself 😉

Before let us tell you something, that not all that glitters is gold: the shipping cost of your bodhrán case may be more expensive or free, depending on the rush you are in. We only tell you that despite its 0 ratings, it is one of the most demanded in its segment

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