22-inch diameter ”Super” bodhran from Gonalca Percusion brand | In the TOP 5 of the largest Irish drums in its entire segment!

If you were looking for an imposing bodhran with a giant size and with top quality materials, let us tell you one thing: you are about to fulfill that fantasy. We present you one of the largest Irish tambourines that are sold on the market, the one that occupies a large part of your body

Aaaalaaaaa! How big is it? You are right. With it you will even be able to hide on more than one occasion (with the help of an extra clear complement) in case you have committed any mischief 😜. Jokes aside, with this model you will have a very deep, low sound and a tonal durability greater than the average of the rest of the models.

Eager to know what this range of bodhran brings with it and its respective peculiarities? Read carefully and find out if this model is the one that best suits your expectations!

What are the main characteristics of the Gonalca Percusion 1900 Irish Tambourine?

With less than the total fingers that exist in a hand we can highlight its peculiarities. These are:

  • The membrane patch: Made with leather of organic origin, it makes us understand two things: we are in front of an original bodhrán and a tenacity above the average of its range, which is in the medium-high premium. Its finish is rough, rough and even old, although this model has nothing. It was recently released. Proof of this is its scarce valuations, but that does not mean that this prototype is hardly in demand
  • The finish of the body or the base of the drum: It is one of the main reasons for its purchase, since it has one of the most differentiated designs in a cardboard dark brown and in which a natural finish can be distinguished that well reminds us of the shape and size of the leaves, with their corresponding stems. Higher up, between the predominant body and the base of the bodhrán, it has the addition of that black layer with metallic points that gives the final icing to the design of this specific part of the drum
  • A loose and comfortable internal part to grip: Another one of those details that should not be overlooked. And is that many models have a barely wide internal surface. This makes it very difficult to create the tonal variation of the bodhrán, while at the same time we adopt the most comfortable position with the panderin, and more considering that it is of a spacious size. With this model, this double problem will disappear in a flash
  • Mace or bodhran whisk included! And with the same design that has much of the round surface of the Irish tambourine. It is made of walnut wood and is adapted to the dimensions of this model, so we are in front of a drumstick with dimensions larger than the average in its segment. PS: This detail is very important because not just any mallet will help you to play this prototype, at least to get that “super” low sound.

Best Offer of 2021 of the great Irish tambourine of Gonalca Percusion

How does this upper-middle-range bodhran model stand out from the rest of the models in the family?

Mainly in the duration of the sound and the tone of the same, in addition to the cost that takes into account in which range we are and that it includes accessories of a remarkable quality. Another detail that you cannot get with other bodhránes and with this one, is the possibility of adjusting it according to what you want a lower or less low sound.

Many models come predefined and you cannot change them at any time. With this not even the case, you can do whatever you want. The rating it has on Amazon, despite having 1 today, is a mirage:

It is no coincidence that it has 5/5 stars, it occupies high positions on the aa website (positive signal) and with this bodhrán you will meet the minimum requirements required, in case you have been familiar with the instrument for a long time

Why buy the Irish bodhran of the model no. 1900 “vast” in our online store?

For the less conventional, the more daring and who like accented sounds, this model is intended for them, and more specifically for you, if you feel identified with this type of person. The offer you see on this page is the latest in terms of customer rights and Amazon policies. We collaborate with them, so everything you see from here is updated and up to date

Think of you In your loved ones. Think about what it will mean to have a bodhran of such large dimensions in your hands. If you are even going to be able to put it as an ornament in a specific area of ​​the house when you are not using it! Well, it may be that this is an offense for you, it is just an idea that we give you to give life to that tambourine, the “great” tambourine

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