The best Thomann bodhrans of 2021

Come from Germany to conquer all lovers of bodhran, and boy has he succeeded, currently being not only one of the leading stores in the entire network to sell high quality Irish drums, but also any instrument you can imagine.

Thomann stands for excellence, supremacy and trust. An example of this is its Irish tambourines, which are exceptional value for money, hundreds of user endorsements behind them and an enviable buyer policy.

It goes without saying that any exclusive brand or manufacturer of bodhranes sees Thomann and doesn’t even think twice about making their product known through this German music online store . Needless to say, a website like collaborates with them in order to give you one of the best Irish drums on the market. Good luck to you!

Scroll down and see the Thomann bodhrans list that we have lovingly prepared for you!

Catalog of the best Thomann bodhrans offers today

What bodhrans models do we have for sale at Thomann?

There are not too many bodhrans ranges that Thomann offers us, but what difference does it make, if there are 3 and each of them is differentiated according to the type of customer, varying, therefore, in their price. These are:

18 Inch Bodhran Inexpensive Gewa Irish Brand Membrane

It is the largest and most minimalist in its segment. That natural rustic wood color of the striking surface combined, in turn, by a black base, creates a very nice contrast considering its price. Obviously we cannot expect a supreme sound quality and a holding comfort of 10, since the cost of this bodhrán model is below € 100

Its almost 5/5 stars of customer ratings make this a safe and satisfactory purchase for the most beginner and novice to percussion this instrument. Unfortunately it cannot be tuned, something had to be left on the way, and it does not include the beater that we can see in the photo on the web.

It is among the second best low-end model of the whole family. If it is just the first time you are going to get a bodhrán, you do not want to spend a lot and you want to immediately obtain the benefits of a reputed store like Thomann, do not think about it, buy this prototype now!

Bodhran 17 inch cheap radius from Millenium brand

With this Irish timpani you are going to be able to tune it and have essential accessories at cost, such as the mallet and a doorknob prepared for intonation. As for the body of it, we went from having a natural wood to cedar wood and organic materials of animal origin on the head of the tambourine, more specifically goatskin

This is undoubtedly the best model in the entry range of the entire Thomann Irish drum family. Its starting price is below € 70. Everything that we do not have in Gewa’s 18-diameter bodhran, we have it here and, also, with better finishes and more durable over time.

It has a more refined, deep and exquisite sound than the first model, if we compare both, since they are within the same segment and it is important that you know what the differences are. It is only necessary to see that almost 100% of user evaluations are marked with a full satisfaction of 5/5 stars . If you were looking for an inexpensive Irish tambourine with details of high-end bodhránes, this is the model we recommend.

Meinl Irish Brand High End 14 Inch Diameter Small Bodhran

Small but bulky! Looks are deceiving. Let them tell this bodhrán that, despite having less showy finishes than the models mentioned above (to our personal taste, you may like it even more), we have a matte black finish that surrounds the bodhrán patch. little seen in bodhranes mid-range, low-end and even the most premium ranges

The materials that make up its membrane are also goat cuticle. The body is covered by a dark brown wood of rubber origin and the internal body of it does not have as many elements as the first commented model, which is more comfortable to touch and hold.

It can also be tuned, including its corresponding tuning key and could not miss the inclusion of drumsticks, in an exclusive mahogany wood finish. The one with the recondite base is a detail that you should not miss if you want to bring the experience of playing your bodhrán in different ranges of tones, not just percuss it and that’s it. It is available for a price of € 160 and its 4.5 / 5 stars guarantee it. This model is recommended for any user, especially for those who are already more advanced in the execution and tonal adjustment of the Irish tambourine.

Why buy bodhrans at Thomann?

You will not make a better decision in your life than to purchase a bodhran from Thomann. And it is that its product catalog is constantly being updated and monitored so that it meets customer expectations. If there is a nickname by which to rate Thomann, it is a requirement. That’s good, that gives assurance that what you will get, be it for an affordable or more expensive value, you will have quality in abundance

Getting your bodhran with a Thomann seal, in addition to the excellent service they provide, their immediate stock and the shipping they make to any part of the world by top courier services such as UPS or DHL, assure us of a higher than average shipping quality and received from super fast product, wherever we are

And have the 36-month warranty and the 30-day money back guarantee up your sleeve We went from having the typical one or two year warranty to having 3 and the right of every consumer, from 14 days to 30 days, to communicate that they do not want their order because it was not what they expected or does not meet their expectations. All the management and costs of returning the order are assumed by the German company

IMPORTANT: Verify if your bodhrán is going to be exempt from a possible extra customs cost of the country where you reside and the shipping costs, because depending on where you live, both things will be more expensive, less expensive or, even, you will get rid of that tax